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Finding the Right Fit

Jarrod Washburn? Jeff Clement?

No, thanks.

It appears the rumored Delmon Young to Seattle for Washburn and Clemen deal is false, as reported by Joe Christensen of the Star Tribune, but still, it makes one wonder where it came from? How could anybody possibly think the Twins had any interest in these two players?

Granted, the Twins did express interest in Washburn last August, but at this point he seems pretty worthless. The rotation is basically set, and Washburn is an overpaid starter that wouldn’t make sense as a setup man, which is what the Twins really need. Besides, if the Twins really wanted a mediocre veteran starter, they could get one for far less than $10.35 million. Although we all know how that has turned out in the past…

The other name mentioned, Jeff Clement, is even more perplexing. Last time I checked the Twins had one of the best catchers in baseball in Joe Mauer. The only thing that could possibly make sense is if the Twins are more concerned about Mauer’s health than they’ve let on, or if they were going to spin Clement off in another trade.

Clement just seems like an odd player for the Twins to acquire.

Furthermore, is this really the best the Twins can do for Delmon Young? If so, then they should hold on to him. See what he can do with the added pressure of fighting for playing time. By all accounts he is in better shape, and he is far more valuable to the Twins right now than Clement or Washburn.

Unless someone blows them away with an offer, the Twins would be better off holding on to Young and seeing what he can do, with the possibility revisit a trade during the season. His value isn’t all that high right now and it likely won’t decrease.

There are definitely some serious needs to be addressed with the Twins roster, i.e. third base and relief pitcher. As Rick Jourdan mentioned in his column yesterday, what happened to Eric Gagne?

The Twins seem to be neglecting the holes they need to fill most.

Maybe the thing to do at this point, as a fan, is to try and ignore all the rumors. Until something actually comes into fruition, it doesn’t really matter who reports what.

Hopefully though, when the Twins do make a move, it is for a third baseman and/or relief pitcher. Hopefully when they do make a move, it is for something useful, rather than another young catcher, and an overpaid starting pitcher.

Written by: Eric Johnson
Look for his column every Tuesday, and check out his blog at


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