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Offensively Ugly

It is always disappointing to lose on opening day. Fans are excited to kick off a new season. They have been waiting in anticipation to cheer for their favorite team, the Minnesota Twins. They dressed their kids up in their Morneau jerseys and brought them to the game or the couch to enjoy the beginning of another season of baseball. Losing in that situation makes it all the more crushing.

However... Twins baseball is back! Fans and players returned to the dome, which was hosting its hometown team for its final season opener. The voices of John Gordon and Dan Gladden and those of Dick Bremer and Bert Blyleven are echoing through the state once again. Play ball, Twins!

Liriano didn't play great, but he wasn't terrible either, giving up four runs in seven innings pitched. The Twins are accustomed to above-average pitching performances from their starters and bullpen pitchers alike lately. It is their offense that ticks people off. How annoying is it to have a team that can't pull out a win when their pitcher does a solid job pitching? Surely any team should be able to scratch out more than one run in a full nine innings. Obviously this is only the first game of the season and Felix Hernandez pitched an absolute gem, but hopefully this isn't a sign of things to come. Offensive inconsistency has plagued the Twins' franchise recently, and every year it gets more and more on people's nerves.

As for the other players, there's not much to analyze. They played, and they lost. It's just the first game. Cuddyer drove in a run, so good for him. Some players had hits, others did not.

The Twins are 0-1. All we can ask for is consistent pitching and a much better offensive performance. If that second demand isn't met, the consequences will be ugly.

(Update April 9): After games two and three of the season, the disappointment is vanishing quickly. That is the offense that we need to win ballgames, Twins! Keep it up and stay consistent and you will be on your way to the playoffs!

Written by Josh Gloe. Look for his weekly Twinsmix article every Tuesday.

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  1. Dan Glassic? Is that some nickname for Dan Gladden that I haven't heard of?