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The Only "Perk" In The Rotation

Major League Baseball might have to call this fight before anyone gets hurt. With four out of the five original rotation starters boasting an ERA above 4.00, the Twins are hoping a little rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab or two will fix the boys up enough to get them back in this fight. Luckily, a light shined down from the baseball gods revealing our possible savior was going to make his first start of the season. Finally, the Twins starter only gave up five hits! Unluckily, four of those went over the fence, and Scott Baker was smacked around worse than any other starter this year, giving up six earned runs in four innings.

It’s hard to win ballgames without quality pitching, but the Twins are anything but normal. Relying heavily on late inning heroics and the domination of one particular man, the ball club has nabbed four wins in their first ten contests. Fans have celebrated with Alexi Cassila as he capped a late ninth inning rally, and Joe Crede as he belted a two out game winning double, but pitcher Glenn Perkins has been the one true shinning star thus far in the season.

Starting two games, and pitching 16.0 innings should tell you right away that this young man is on his game. Giving up just three runs in two eight inning outings has earned Perkins a 1.69 ERA despite having a 0-1 record. Unluckily for Perkins, in his first outing of the season he was defeated in a 2-0 heart-breaker to the Seattle in which he gave up only one run over eight innings of work. Perkins was also unable to earn his first win of the season in his next outing going another eight innings and giving up two runs in a game the Twins eventually won 3-2 in eleven innings.

As Twins players jumped on Justin Morneau for scoring the winning run in that contest, and pounded Joe Crede’s helmet for knocking in the two-out run, Glenn Perkins was right along side of them doing the exact same thing. We might not see it, but the players know it, Perkins was the true star of that game. He was able to keep the Twins in a tight game for eight innings against an extremely hot Toronto Blue Jays offense. Hopefully, ever other Twins starter was sitting in that dugout with a pen and paper taking notes because there isn’t a better example of quality starting pitching within 100 miles.

The Twins are only ten games into this season, but this pitching staff has already seemed to both find its way into a slump, and find itself a leader. With an ERA almost 3.00 below any other starter on the team, Perkins is the obvious standout, and we can only hope we start seeing that ERA gap between him and the others shrink before our spirit falls too far.

In spirit of Major League Baseball wearing Jackie Robinson’s number 42 on Wednesday, I think its time each Twins starter wears Perkin’s number 15 in order to try and squeeze ever bit of magic out, and just maybe they can turn this staff around.

Written By:

Jake Hodge - Blogger


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