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The start of something new

By Jake Lunemann
There are certain events in our history that people always remember where they were when it happened. Where you were when JFK was shot (too young for that one), on the morning of September 11 (in video creation class), and in Minnesota, you remember where you were when Gary Anderson missed that ill fated field goal in the NFC Championship game. For myself personally, I also remember where I was on opening day of baseball season. When I was 13, I listened to the Twins first game on the radio at my grandma's house who lived next door. At age 17, I was on the bus on the way back from a high school baseball game. My senior year of college I went to the bar with my roommate to take in the first game. This year, I will be in Coplay, Pennsylvania watching it from the scoring room at Baseball Info Solutions.

All of the places I have been varied in their level of excitement and nostalgia for the Twins every April, but they all were looking forward to the season nonetheless. This place however, seems to spread its loyalty around to the best available option. I suppose that is being a bit too judgmental since I am really spending 100% of my time with the same 20 people for the rest of the summer. All of them coming from different parts of the country, and all sharing a love for the game. We all answered the same ad last fall that was looking for "advance scouting interns" here at BIS and all made it through to get the job. There is Jarrett, who comes from Kansas City and loves the Royals but admits to hating them about as often (and as a Minnesota Vikings fan, I understand). My roommate Craig, who grew up in New York but just graduated from the University of North Carolina and you can probably guess who he roots for. The funniest part of the group of interns is three, yes I said it, three Baltimore Oriole fans.

The thing we all share in common this weekend, is at least some glimmer of hope for something great, something startling, something new. In future articles I will no doubt discuss back of the rotation starters, left handed specialists, and mid season call-ups, but on the eve of opening day, this is no time for that sort of talk. We are all staring proudly into the eyes of our opponents with a look of confidence and hopeful glory. Today is the day that we all feel the same way we did when we were 12 years old and the season was just beginning. So sit back, relax, tune into your favorite television or radio broadcast and enjoy the ride. Baseball is back and our summer of dreams is upon us.


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