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Twins get unusual job application

By Josh Newman
What is the best way to get a starting job in the majors? Is it to work your tail off and post good numbers over the years? Or is it to post a blog on a team’s Web site?

Backup catcher Jose Morales seems to think the latter. You can see the blog for yourself at Some may find it heartening, others sickening.

This certainly is a nice gesture, Mr. Morales, but this is only a step in securing your promotion to full-time backup catcher.

You state that you have played in the minors for eight seasons, so you have some playing experience. Your sales pitch states that your biggest asset is your glove – you went on record as saying you committed no errors in 46 games for AAA Rochester. You also mentioned that you hit .315, is a switch hitter, and threw out 23.1% of would-be base stealers.

Certainly nice to meet you, Mr. Morales. Now let me tell you a little bit about the competition you will be facing in your quest to becoming a full-time backup.

Your first step will be to win the backup spot from the incumbent, Mike Redmond. While he will be the starter with Joe Mauer out with his injury, he will be sitting again upon Mauer’s return because he is almost 40 (37, actually). This will give you two mountains to climb again. It sounds like your best bet right now will be to hope that Gardy puts you in late in the game, most likely as a pinch hitter with the game out of reach. If you get behind the plate, you could hope that a would-be base stealer puts your arm to the test. Reports from The Star Tribune state that you will get “occasional” starts, but if you had to guess, what do you think your boss means by “occasional?”

You’re lucky that it’s Mauer who is hurt and not Redmond. Mauer is much younger and much more athletic than Redmond. And, unlike Redmond, Mr. Mauer has plenty of playing time ahead of him. While currently hurt, he is expected back “sometime in April.” When he does return, you must still beat out Redmond to get any playing time in the majors.

That is where you have a shot at success. Albeit a small, almost non-existent shot, but a shot.

As I stated before, Redmond does not have much playing time left, so that is a smaller mountain ahead of you. He can still play when called upon. Mauer, on the other hand, is not only young, but he can hit and throw out would-be base stealers. He not only can play when called upon, but he will play.

Now on to some numbers.

Mauer hit .328 last year with 85 RBI in 146 games. Redmond played in only 38 games last year and hit .287. Not to mention that both are reliable defensively and communicate well with their pitchers. How are your communication skills?
This is a tall mountain to climb, my boy. You might be able to scale Mt. Redmond eventually, but if you want to overcome the peak of Mt. Mauer (I hear it rivals Everest!), break out the training gear: you’ve got a long haul.


  1. Obviously Mauer won't be overtaken but until then I'm guessing Morales plays about 1/3 of the games until then. At Redmond's advanced age, he won't be able to handle much more than 2/3 of the playing time. We will wait and see how it unfolds but I'm guessing Morales will be just fine.

  2. Mr. Newman, you know as well as EVERYBODY ELSE that Morales did not write that article... and I mean NONE OF IT. You sound like a hurt daddy who's kid has always been the pretty boy and you want no one to touch him. I met Morales when he played for the Miracle, and while he might not remember me, I do remember that he was not too talkative and neither was he the conceited show off type of person. You can read his REAL comments when asked about Mauer and you will see how humbly this guy calls Mauer the best catcher in baseball. One thing I'll tell you, it's no fluke Morales is hitting the living heck out of that ball, because only in AA did he not hit over .300. You can defend Mauer and Redmond all you want, but first you should realize there's nothing to defend them from. They're just three catching teammates trying to succeed and... by the way, Jose is 7-12 this week!!! Are we talking about the same Jose??