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Twins' Spirit Still Spunky After Long Winter Layoff

In the classic 1999 psychological movie thriller, “The Sixth Sense,” Haley Joel Osment’s character whispers the movie’s most famous line to his psychologist, played by Bruce Willis. “I see dead people,” Osment said. As it turned out, he was right. Bruce Will was dead and Osment did indeed see him.

Somewhat like the Osment character in the movie, I see trends where other people may not. Or at least I always seem to be looking for them.

Last Tuesday night, I saw what looks to be a very positive trend for this year’s incarnation of the Twins. The same spunkiness that tied them with the White Sox for the Central Division lead last fall was on display that night. It provided the impetus for their improbable ninth inning comeback to win the game. Even the improbable hero was the same in the two signature games of each of those two series—Alexi Casilla.

Which leads me to comment on another trend I’ve observed in the Twins over the years. It’s the team’s ability to rise to the occasion in an important game and seemingly play beyond their individual abilities. Let’s face it, the Twins typically haven’t fielded teams with the biggest stars of most talented players over the past decade or so. But when the chips are down, they collectively come together to find a way to win.

If there’s something special or remarkable about the Twins in comparison to other major league teams, you won’t find it in the marquee names on their roster or the size of the paychecks the players take to the bank. No, it’s the team’s ability to overachieve, focus on their goal and win the games that count, as well as the hearts of their fans. The Twins will often surprise you.

So, last Tuesday’s come-from-behind, three-run, two-out victory in the bottom of the ninth says the Twins are once again trending right where we want them to be—playing with heart, purpose and finding a way to get the job done.

The Twins still have their blue-collar, “Get ’Er Done” soul that promises they’ll remain alive and well in the Central Division race this season. As this season progresses, I think that’s something we’ll all see.

Twins Blog Writer: Rick Jourdan
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