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Rochester Red Wings @ Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs

By Jake Lunemann
Living in the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania for the summer does not have too many perks but one is that the Phillies AAA organization, the Iron Pigs, are located just a few miles away. Last night I went to the game since the Rochester Red Wings were in town and there are a few things I thought I would comment on.

1. This game was all about Jason Pridie. He had three hits, three runs, and two stolen bases. All his hits were hard hit and he was getting great jumps on his steals. If the Twins ever have multiple outfielders go down with injury he could be the next "piranha" to be put in the Twins tank.

2. People in the Lehigh Valley love worthless free stuff more than people in other places. Never in my life have I seen people so excited and aggressive over free can coolies than I did last night.

3. There was a JC Romero sighting in the park last night. He threw strikes but was hittable as he gave up a run and two hits in one inning of work. Two of the three outs were loud as well. The steroids were noticeably absent.

4. Juan Morillo looked great in the bullpen. Nearly every pitch hit the catchers mitt exactly where it was lined up. However, when he entered the game he walked the first two batters he faced. Morillo is a great talent but needs to get his head in the right place or at least get a pair of glasses.

5. After the game ended there was a promotion where people threw tennis balls onto the field trying to get them into hula hoops for free tickets or into the sun roof of a car for a chance to win it later in the summer. The on field announcer and a few helpers were all dressed up in 80's garb. It was not 80's night and the promotion had nothing to do with the 80's. The only logical explanation is that the crew was going to a theme party after the game.

6. Red Wings pitcher Mike Gosling got the save in the 9th. His stuff is not spectacular but he is left handed and has decent numbers this year. He looked really good last night and could be a left handed relief option for the Twins sometime this season.

7. On field announcer/Director of Promotions and Entertainment (yes I just looked it up) Lindsey Knupp does a great job for the Iron Pigs and I could easily see her being an on field reporter for a major league team in the near future. She is pretty easy on the eyes as well.


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