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Mauer Power, Indians Cower

Joe Mauer's career high in home runs is 13.
After just entering June, he's now at 12.
When interviewed after the game, he claimed to have not made any adjustments to his swing this year. It was about seeing the ball better and taking a "risk". Either way, the numbers coming from the bat of this 2009 Mauer is what you'd expect to see from hitters like Morneau or other power hitters - but better. Mauer still has his old flair of patience at the plate and not trying to do too much with the ball. However, he is also putting up lots of home runs, and RBIs, exceeding 30 - in one month.

There's no way of knowing what his numbers will be like at the end of the season, but at this rate, he could exceed 30 home runs and surpass most or all of the American League in batting average. Is he going to actually reach 30 home runs? It's not likely; but then again, at this rate, it is. It isn't September yet, but one can expect that his numbers will be great either way when that time does come.

A random prediction for Mauer's final stats:
.340, 28 home runs, 100 RBIs
(Or thereabouts)

Either way, he's going to take it one game at a time. After tonight's game against the Indians, he kept it cool as always, saying after the game that he would just continue to think about what is going on now: June.

Slowey picked up another win tonight, bringing his record to 8-1. He gave up 2 runs while pitching 6.2 innings. Although his ERA is up over 4, he only has that one loss. To keep this up, the Twins bats, led by Mauer, will have to continue to produce enough runs to keep up with that of the opposition. Basic baseball.

Either way, things are looking up for the Twins. Tonight, they were the only team in the American League Central to have won. Sure, it's one day, but as proved by last year's dissapointing ending, one game can make or break an entire season of hard work.

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So for now, as Mauer's wisdom points out, the Twins will take it one day at a time.

EDIT (Jun. 5 2009) Mauer was named the American League player of the month for May, and rightly so with over 30 RBIs, a 400+ BA, and exceeding 10 HRs.

Written by Josh Gloe. Look for his semi-weekly article on Tuesdays.


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