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Gardy Robbed...Again

Twins Manager Ron Gardenhire has yet again finished second in the AL Manager of the Year award, his 5th time, with Angels skipper Mike Scioscia taking the honors.
I am disgusted.
Sure, the Angels went through a lot this season, with the passing of Nick Adenhart, prolonged injuries to Vladimir Guerrero and Torri Hunter, and also many injuries to the starting rotation, the Angels overcame a lot. But let me make Gardy’s case on why he SHOULD have won the award…
Injuries are a part of the game, but the Twins were without Joe Mauer for the first month of the season, they lost their best starting pitcher in the first half, Kevin Slowey, to a wrist injury in June, leaving him out the remainder of the season, not to mention countless other injuries to Liriano, Perkins, Crede, etc., also a very unexpected slump from Cassilla, and the Twins lost former MVP Justin Morneau in mid-September when they were trailing the Detroit Tigers by 4.5 games with 17 games to play.
Most people would have counted the Twins out, especially after the loss of Morneau in a season which they hovered around a .500 winning percentage. But somehow, someway, Ron Gardenhire got what he needed from his players, forced a one game playoff, and won his 5th division championship in the last 8 years.
Some say this season was Gardy’s best season of managing, and I couldn’t agree more. What he does year in and year out with not much help from the Twins front office, especially the 2009 season, I think it should have been a landslide victory for Gardy. There is one thing holding the baseball writers back though: no post-season wins.
But let’s take a strong look at that.
The Twins had to play the Yankees, after a very emotional and exciting last week of the season, in which the Twins became the 1st team ever to win a division title being 3 games out of 1st place with 4 games left to play. Obviously the Yankees had the advantage in about every category, but lets ask some questions here. All of these I would like to put the Yankees in place of the Twins, as far as place in the division and the situation at the end of the season.
Would the Yankees have done as well without C.C. Sabathia for half of the year?
Would they have done as well having to insert AAA call-ups into their starting rotation for the better part of the 2nd half?
Would the Yanks have done as well with Mark Texiera being out the last 20 games of the season and having to place their starting right fielder at 1st base?
Would they have done as well missing Jorge Posada for a month?
Would the Yankees have done as well with a 70 million dollar payroll?
All of these questions will haunt me until Spring Training…thank goodness the Vikings are doing well.
So those are just a few reason why I think Gardy was robbed, for the 5th time in his career, of the AL Manager of the Year award. But congrats to Mike Scioscia. He is a great manager as well…
Well Twins fans, until next time...Win Twins!!!


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