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Joe Mauer Contract

Many people have been talking about what is going to happen to Joe Mauer. Will he stay in Minnesota? Will he take a hometown discount? Will he end up as a Bronx Bomber?
I too have had many of these thoughts cross my mind, but I play them all down. I am 98 percent sure that Joseph Patrick Mauer of St. Paul, Minnesota, will be a Twin for his entire career. Here are the biggest reasons why Joe will stay in MN.
Reason 1- Justin Morneau.
Both Justin and Joe have said in the past that if one of them left the Twins, they would never speak to each other again. Now, some people would write this off as playful banter between the two, but I think it goes deeper than that. The “M & M” boys as they are called in Twins Territory have developed a great friendship along with great stat lines to produce one of the best tandems baseball has ever seen. Without Mauer, Morneau wouldn’t have near the numbers he has put up before, because he wouldn’t be as protected in the line-up. The Twins obviously have plans to keep Morneau his whole career, as they gave him the biggest contract in Twins history to the tune of 6 years and 80 millon dollars. The Twins will probably offer Mauer something similar just with a larger price tag.
Reason 2- Target Field
The Twins are finally outside and I think this will be a big selling point for the Twins. Joe is the man who will put people in the seats under the Minnesota sky. Mauer grew up watching the Twins in the Metrodome, and who better to usher in a new era of baseball in Minnesota than the hometown hero?
Reason 3- Home
No matter what happens or where he goes, Joe Mauer is from St. Paul. From Minnesota. From the Midwest. This will always be his home. Supposedly, if you open the St. Paul phone book, you can find over 100 Mauers. Mauer is a Twin.He was raised a Twin, watching Kirby Puckett and fellow Minnesota native Kent Hrbek roam the dome for years. He was drafted a Twin, as the hometown team chose the hometown boy 1st overall instead of Mark Prior, even though many in the league thought Prior was a no-brainer and the Twins were mistaken in taking Mauer. Joe Mauer is, in every way, a Minnesota Twin.
I also think the Twins need to make this happen for fear of revolt. I think if Mauer was left to free agency and the highest bidder, he would end up either in Boston or New York, two hated teams by most of Twins Territory. I seriously think fans would go as far as to boycott the Twins if Joe ended up in a Red Sox or Yankees uniform.
The Twins front office needs to make a few more moves before they begin talks with Mauer, showing him they are committed to bringing in players and winning a world series. They have already started, in trading Gomez for Hardy, who was an All-Star in 2007, to be a solid shortstop and provide some pop in the number 2 hole in the order. Having Hardy hitting in the 2 slot will protect Mauer a bit, giving him only more good pitches to choose from.
Also, in order for this whole contract situation to not get too far out of hand and become a distraction this season, the Twins need to do everything possible to make this deal happen before the season starts. It will be better for the league, better for the Twins, and also better for Mauer, the Hometown Hero…hopefully for many years to come! Win Twins!!!



  1. Sir, you are dead on. How much money is enough? Mauer knows no matter where he plays ball he will make enough to be financially secure for life. Therefore, he will wisely realize how much loving the state he is in matters.

  2. I personally would have really liked to have seen the club resign Cabrera. The man was putting up career numbers down the stretch last season and he was a big factor in getting the team fired up and ready to play. He loved the club and was really hoping to be resigned. Just a little disappointing... Hopefully Hardy will improve over last year.

  3. With you Shane. Hardy needs to re-focus, which i think he will do with a fresh start in MN. Joey will be back, just as he said the day before 163, he's not interested in becoming MLB's highest paid player. He's a ballplayer, he's interested in one thing...Winning. To lose him to the Spanks or the Chode Sox would be devastating, not only to the entire Twins organization, but also to the game.

  4. I was listening to a local radio show in which the host said the Twins should deal Justin Morneau and Kevin Slowey to Toronto for Aaron Hill and Roy Halliday.

    That move may be good for one season, but if you deal Morneau, there is no way Mauer will sign with the Twins if Morneau is gone.

  5. who ever suggested that trade is a complete moron. That would not be a good move in any season! Morneau is an MVP and leader of this ballclub and Slowey was our best pitcher in the 1st half.

  6. You need to space your paragraphs is harder to read all your writing condensed like that. Use the return key in between paragraphs.