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Built on Talent and Character

by Neil Witzig

Right now, despite their Sunday afternoon blunders, the Twin’s have had early success as they enjoy the fruits of a new stadium and a productive offseason. The team will enjoy this all year and hopefully coast right into the playoffs. But I think there is something to think about that we often take for granted in Minnesota—the quality of character of these players.

The Twin’s don’t have a “Randy Moss” plaguing their bench and they have had relatively no problem with steroids, besides the Juan Rincon incident a few years ago. Nobody is publicly challenging the coaching, there aren’t any Manny Ramerez’s where you wonder if they are even trying, and there is no Milton Bradley threatening to hit people with bats. In fact, I don’t think the Twin’s have had any sort of serious public clubhouse controversy in years. This really speaks to the strength of Gardenhire’s managing as well as the rest of the coaches.

Bill Smith also deserves some credit for bringing in players who are not only talented but also are stable minded and good for the clubhouse. Jim Thome has earned a reputation as one of the nicest players in baseball. Orlando Hudson certainly has added some energy to the clubhouse, as he is always the first one up in the morning, zooming around and filling the field with his loud chattering. JJ Hardy and Clay Condrey are both known to be all around good guys.

I cannot speak for the moral character of every player on the Minnesota Twins. However, I do think it is reasonable to conclude that there is not any sort of Tiger Wood’s scandal lingering around with any of our players. Twin’s players are generally civil and respectful when they talk to the media and individual stars like Mauer and Morneau are quick to point to the team effort rather than boasting in their own accomplishments. Twins fans this year can truly be excited in a talented team without reservations that they may be cheering for a bunch of potential convicts.

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1 comment:

  1. I can't agree more about how nice it is that this team's players have some integrity. Baseball is the last sport that I like to have to deal with the other crap that sometimes follows players off the field, the other sports I can handle it but there is just something about baseball and summer that drives me nuts when the media is talking about things besides pitch counts,new batting stances, and flashing the leather.