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Twins Finally Play The Numbers Game

Written By: Rob Leath

Aaron Gleeman – in my opinion the best Twins writer/blogger out there right now – recently posted a blog entry that focused on the Twins finally hiring a “statistical analyst” to view things from a Sabermetric point of view when it comes to evaluating talent. Gleeman has been pushing for this for years, and many agree that it’s long overdue; the Twins have basically ignored advanced statistics despite achieving a good deal of success since the turn of the century.

After ignoring it for so long. it’s a reach to think that the Twins will all of a sudden start lending credence to a concept that’s become pervasive throughout baseball, but if they even let it have a minimal impact on their decisions, it will be a positive step for the organization as a whole. Sabermetrics are a tried and true method that has elevated franchises and really ushered in a new era in baseball.

I'm not saying that stat-analysis is the Holy Grail of baseball evaluation. But it is a valuable tool that the Twins have failed to utilize properly. A lot of teams from the small-market (A's) to the big-market (Red Sox) have used it effectively and it's helped give them an edge in talent evaluation. Now that the Twins are able to spend more freely, they're in a better position to seriously contend and adding stat-analysis to that equation could help them make deeper runs into the post-season.

The Twins have had a nice run over the last decade, but they've been aided by a poor division and have been merely a minor inconvenience for better, deeper teams in the post-season as they dispatch us and move on. Unless we're planning on really spending and using that financial clout to obtain superior talent and depth, we're going to need to use every resource we have available and Saebermetrics can help in that regard.


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