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Washington leads Texas over Tampa.

Ron Washington should be manager of the year. I know that is not received well in Minnesota. Our beloved Ron Gardenhire has been overlooked so many times, that this has to be his year. Well maybe he hasn't been overlooked, he's just been properly evaluated. I'm not sure if the voting includes the postseason, but if it does, in my opinion it's a no brainer. Ron Washington didn't something I'm not sure "Gaardy" is capable of. Well I'm almost certain Gaardy couldn't do it, because I'm not sure he's capable of taking a 2-0 lead in a series. But Washington let his guys into a game 5 on the road, and came out with a win. Washington's taken a team that for the past few years, had an indentity of all power, no pitching, no defense, no "small ball". They didn't do the little thing's that Gaardy loves so much. Well whatever they're doing now, they are doing it right. And you have to give the manager credit. We give Gaardy so much credit for every good thing the Twins accomplish, and usually it's deserving. But to say that Gaardy should win this award hands down is just moronic.

While it's obvious that Cliff Lee was the difference for the Rangers, and Washington couldn't have done it without him. Remember about a month after the trade deadline, and the papers, and FSN would run stats of what Cliff Lee had done since the trade deadline, and what Brian Duensing had done. Duensing had better numbers at one point, so they were leading us to believe that not trading for Cliff Lee was a good decision for the Twins. Instead we traded for a closer that was never used, and set up guy that wasn't brought in (We brought in Mijares in Game #1 instead). So Cliff Lee didn't go 2-0 with a 1.13 ERA, and 21 strikeouts in his first two starts with the Rangers in August. He just did that in the first round of the playoffs instead!!!! Imagine a Cliff Lee starting game #1 at Target Field, and dominating and giving the Twinks some confidence, and Liriano pitching game #2. And always knowing that if things get hairy, we always have Cliff Lee we could bring in 3-4 days rest.

Who knows how the Rangers will do against the Yanks, but they have pitchers that strike guys out. Hitters that hit. So that in my opinion gives them a chance in any game they play. So congrats to the Rangers, good luck against the yanks.


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